She Who Dreams

A Journey into Healing through Dreamwork

Wanda Burch dreamt that she would die at a certain age; her dreams foretold her diagnosis of cancer, and they guided her toward treatment and wellness.

Although she took advantage of all the medical resources available to her, Wanda believes she is alive today because of her intimate engagement with the dreamworld.

This book is more than one woman's story, however. Wanda explores her dreams using the Active Dreamwork technique developed by Robert Moss. Dreams are stories that reflect our feelings, our waking life, our past and our future, prodding us to seek further information and expansion in order to discover the power available to all of us for choosing and claiming the energy and power of their imagery in the healing process. In Wanda's healing journey, we each discover the healing potential within our own sleeping dreams and waking exploration.

Through powerful prose and practical exercises, this book demonstrates that wisdom lives within each of us, and we can tap into that wisdom through dreamwork.