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Tap into Your Own Personal Stream of Power and Wisdom

She Who Dreams is a book about a life lived and deepened – and a death postponed – through an intimate engagement with the dream world. It encompasses the common emotions shared by people facing a battle with cancer—hope, fear, sometimes depression, and joy in each day’s survival. Through the telling of one woman’s story, her own, Wanda Easter Burch describes how we can use our dreams to form more creative relationships, draw on energy and guidance from deeper sources, connect with the deeper story of our lives, and even self-diagnose and self-heal major illness. Wanda writes that “within each of us lies the ability to rise above the challenges of our lives and choose our own ways of living, of healing.”
            More than just one story, however, this book offers techniques that will help you question and observe your dreams as well as delve into the meaning behind the stories you tell yourself when you sleep. Powerful prose and practical exercises demonstrate that wisdom lives within each of us, and we can tap into that wisdom through dreamwork.
“Dreams are experiences of the soul and can take us — sleeping or hyper-awake — into realms where we can have direct access to sacred healers and teachers. These themes and possibilities come vividly alive in this beautiful book, which is both the narrative of a personal journey and an incitement to bring the gifts of active dreaming into our everyday lives.” — from the foreword by Robert Moss, author of Conscious Dreaming
“I took advantage of all resources available to me in the healing process, but I believe that I am alive because of my dreams. We all dream.  Remembering and living those dreams with intent, purpose, and understanding can open paths to self-diagnosis and self-healing.”  — Wanda Burch
 “I hope that I am able to show others that through dreaming we can grow more creative relations with our physicians as well as our families, draw on energy and guidance from deeper sources than the everyday conscious mind, and connect with the deeper story of our lives.” — Georgia Hughes
Wanda Easter Burch is a long-term survivor of breast cancer and curator of an historic site in upstate New York. She advocates for breast cancer research and shares her story through dream workshops and seminars for women. She lives in upstate New York.