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Breast Cancer Survivor Uses Dream Imagery for Healing Visualization

In She Who Dreams, A Journey into Healing through Dreamwork, Wanda Burch proves that dreaming is healing. Our bodies speak to us in dreams, giving us early warning of symptoms we might develop, showing us what we need to stay well. Dreams give us fresh and powerful images for self-healing. They put us in touch with wells of memory and sources of creativity and energy far beyond the clutter and confusion of the little everyday mind. Beyond this, dreams can take us –sleeping or hyper-awake –into realms where we can have direct access to sacred healers and teachers.
These themes and possibilities come vividly alive in Wanda Burch’s “brave and beautiful book, She Who Dreams, which is both the narrative of a personal journey into healing through dreaming and an incitement to bring the gifts of active dreaming into our everyday lives.”[Robert Moss, foreword and author of Conscious Dreaming].
Through the telling of one woman’s story, her own, Wanda Burch describes how we can use our dreams to discover or build more creative relationships with our families and physicians, draw on energy and guidance from deeper sources, connect with the deeper story of our lives, and even self diagnose major illness. She reveals her own formula of exercises and meditations using dream imagery in conjunction with traditional medical treatment to formulate a personal “healing cocktail”for the body and spirit.
Wanda's grandmother, a healer in the Alabama hills, believed in the power of dreams and encouraged her to pay attention to her dreams. Wanda had dreamed in a haunting series of dreams that she would die at a certain age. Her dreams foretold her diagnosis of breast cancer, and then guided her toward treatment and wellness. She tells an amazing story of one dream in which she renegotiated her life contract, in which the gift of a life extension brought with it the obligation to tell her story of dreaming and healing, thus providing one more avenue of healing for others.
Her message is that wisdom lives within each of us, and we can tap into that wisdom with some guidance. Wanda writes that “within each of us lies the ability to rise above the challenges of our lives and choose our own ways of living, of healing.”

About the Author

Wanda Easter Burch was born in Alabama and grew up in Memphis, Tennessee. She received a Master’s degree in museum administration in the Cooperstown Graduate Program and pursued a career in historic preservation which led her and her family to upstate New York.
Wanda is a long-term survivor (14 years) of breast cancer who has always had a vibrant dream life. She works with Robert Moss, author of Conscious Dreaming. She also gives seminars and workshops on dreams and works closely with support groups, churches, and cancer organizations to teach women about healing practices. Her other work involves historical preservation, and she has a great deal of experience in facilitating groups for historical societies, women’s organizations, and support groups. She lives in Fultonville, New York. For additional information please contact the author at PO Box 308 or

Book Information:

  • SHE WHO DREAMS: A Journey Into Healing Through Dreamwork
  • By: Wanda Burch
  • Foreword: Robert Moss
  • ISBN: 1-57731-426-3
  • Price: $14.95, Trade Paper
  • Pages: 288, 5.5 x 8.5"
  • Published by New World Library
  • Available at ; bookstores;