Wanda Burch and John Kenosian

Wanda Burch, author:
The Home Voices Speak Louder than the Drums: Dreams and the Imagination in Civil War Letters and Memoirs [McFarland Publishers, fall 2016],
She Who Dreams a Journey into Healing through Dreamwork, [New World Library],

 Healing the Spirit through Dreams and MusiThe Home Voices: Healing the Spirit through Dreams and Music offers stories and original songs that provide a glimpse into the lives of those who have claimed recognition for their courage through dreams and music, both easily accessible gifts of the imagination that can help those suffering from illness, trauma, pain, and everyday anxiety find a place where souls and hearts can mend. As an historian, Wanda's books provide fresh perspective on the human side of survival and the interaction of history with dreams and the imagination, as recorded in letters, journals and memoirs of those who fought wars, emotional and physical. In her personal memoir (She Who Dreams), Wanda's medical diagnosis confirmed warning dreams of breast cancer and presented images that assisted her through surgery, chemotherapy, depression and the healing process. She used the images in an ever evolving creative and pro-active experience as theater, re-entry, meditation, and journaling. Wanda is co-presenter of Arts retreats for women surviving chronic illness at Great Camp Sagamore in Raquette Lake, NY, and Arts and re-integration retreats for women veterans at Wiawaka in Lake George, NY. []. She is the author of history articles and articles in various women’s and self-help magazines.

John Kenosian is a singer/songwriter/artist, who began drawing and playing piano at age four; performing accordion on stage at age five. He worked as a professional performer/songwriter for ten years in New York City and continues to perform, teach, and write music, including creative music programs for children. He performs 19th century music with the Civil War band, the 77th New York Regimental Balladeers; and he wrote the words and music, “Amelia” for the play Dear Amelia, based on original Civil War letters of John Tidd and Amelia Haskell. John has written original songs to accompany The Home Voices Speak Louder than the Drums. His university studies include fine arts, Russell Sage College, Albany, NY, and studies in environmental conservation. He is the owner of Another Dimension and Adirondack Log Home Restoration. Work by both John Kenosian and Wanda Burch are featured in a new 21 track CD produced by the 77th NY Regimental Balladeers, Come Dearest – the Daylight is Gone, accompanied by a booklet authored by Wanda Burch: Dreaming of Home in the American Civil War.

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2017 Dates:

August 7-9

Wiawaka Holiday House:

Lake George, NY

An Arts and Re-Integration workshop for Veterans
An arts retreat program for women veterans. Wiawaka Holiday House offers a healing environment of woods and water and a chance to explore the arts with Creative Healing Connections staff, Helen Demong [music] and Wanda Burch [dreamwork].

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