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She Who Dreams: A Journey into Healing Through Dreamwork

By Wanda Easter Burch

Go to

Click on Books, or, under Products, scroll down to books.

Type in She Who Dreams or both the title and author [Wanda Burch] depending on    where you went on that page. Hit “go” or “search,” whatever comes up.

You will come to a page with the title of the book, an image of the book, prices, etc. It will be just basic information. Put the cursor on the title of the book. The title will highlight. Click on the title.

This will bring you to a larger page with more information on SHE WHO DREAMS.  Scroll down that page past several bars of information until you come to a bar that says “Product Details.” In that section will be in blue a phrase that says “Write a Review.”

Click on “write a review.”

You will come to a page that leads you through the process.

You will be asked to rate the book. Even if you don’t like everything about it, please give it 5 stars and then tell me privately what you hate. People move away from a page that is less than 5 stars. Go figure.

You will be asked a title for your review. You can be imaginative here—anything you wish.

You have a box where you are allowed 1000 words. Please don’t go over or they won’t accept it.

You can place a name or remain anonymous, but they do ask for a place—you’ll see that box.

Hit the box that says “preview your review.” You will be directed to a review of your information where you can change anything you wish to change. After you have made any changes, there will be a box where you will hit “submit” or something similar. 

The review will appear on that greater page on SHE WHO DREAMS about 5-7 days after you submit it so you can then go in and see your own review on the page.

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