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Breast Cancer Survivor Uses Dream Imagery for Healing Visualization

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By Wanda Burch
New World Library 2003
Price $14.95
This is not your average, run of the mill dream book, whereby the author gives interpretations of dream symbols or guides the reader into recalling their dreams. Not that there is anything wrong with such books, (I have several of my own) - but She Who Dreams is in a class all by itself and it is superb.

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She Who Dreams: A Journey into Healing Through Dreamwork

By Wanda Easter Burch

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Review by Patricia Grace

“She Who Dreams: A Journey Into Healing Through Dreamwork”by Wanda Easter BurchNew World Library, Novato, CA 2003$14.95 ISBN 1-57731-426-3
“She Who Dreams”is one woman’s awe inspiring journey through breast cancer into cure, using a “healing cocktail”of dream work, and surgery and chemotherapy. Of this partnership that Burch develops she says:

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