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01. Table of Contents

Introduction: She Who Dreams

Part I: Moving Through the Dance Hall

Chapter 1: Southern Child
Chapter 2: Southern Roots: Healing in the Forest
Chapter 3: Precognitive Dreaming: The Dance Hall of the Dead
Chapter 4: The Yellow Robe
Chapter 5: Packing for Twin Journeys
Chapter 6: A Journey Into the Sacred Forest

02. Foreward by Robert Moss

“SHE WHO DREAMS” by Wanda BurchTrade Paper, $14.95New World Library, www.newworldlibrary.comToll-free ordering: 1-800-972-6657 Ext. 52

03. Chapter 5: Packing for Twin Journeys

At first blink, illness –especially cancer does not look like a spiritual exercise. In the face of a serious illness, we can become paralyzed, suspend judgment and intuition and accept an environment where options seem to no longer exist. When the body is dealt a serious physical blow, doctors often take advantage of the situation, providing healing “options”that define healing within the most narrow of definitions. It is up to the individual to turn illness into a spiritual exercise and to bring dreams—and other alternative healing methods of choice—into the healing process.

04. Chapter 8: The Healing Cocktail

In a dream of killing the bats I throw the bat down a flight of stairs where it is impaled on a knife-like tool, but I use poison – chemotherapy – to destroy the remaining bats. This mix of surgery and chemotherapy, given to me in my dreams, became my Healing Cocktail, a lethal syrup of dreams and medical technology, a prescription for a return to health. The dreams for that cocktail came long before I first walked into a doctor’s office.

05. Chapter 17: Healing With Dream Imagery

Imagery and Ancient Medicine

My own experience led me to study more about dreaming in the ancient world when people routinely sought healing guidance from dreams and from the divine power which showed itself in dreams.
In the original Hippocratic oath, doctors swore by gods of healing, including Asklepius.

06. The Healing Cocktail (Adaptation)

Article adapted from She Who DreamsBy Wanda Easter BurchPO Box 308; Fultonville, NY 12072Published by New World Library

07. Back Cover Text

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